David W. Morris
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E'mail: dwm@xpasc.com
Updated: December 4, 2015

Professional Summary


I'm a Senior Software Engineer/Architect offering strong software design and development experience. My recent focus has been on designing, building and performance testing applications based on www technologies. Programming environments have included C, C++, Python, Java, SQL and ObjectiveC. The unique value I provide in a project team is my very broad understanding of computer system architecture and my ability to quickly build a conceptual model which extends that understanding to the internals of specific technologies being used or considered for the project's implementation.

Career Summary:

·         1993-2000, 2002-present: barili systems limited, a company I founded which specializes in providing the enabling technology required to integrate complex computing environments and in particular delivery of WWW and Internet based applications.

·         1998-2002: Icarian, Inc. where I served as the Application Architect and Chief Engineer for the Icarian Workforce Employee Acquisition product.

·         Until 1993: IBM Corporation working in the Flint, MI Branch Office, the Palo Alto Scientific Center, and the Santa Teresa Programming Laboratory.

Professional Inventory

Employment Details:

Oct 2002 - present: barili systems limited; continuing with projects:

1.       [12/2014-9/2015] At Google, designed and developed new features for an internal network infrastructure design and inventory management application. {Skills: Python, Shell Script, NDB Data Store, Google development process tools}

2.       [7/2013-present] GlobalPOPs: Responsible for technical support of the virtual SAS server cluster. {Skills: Python, Shell Script, Linux, Java, JSP, MySQL, Apache, freeradius, DNS (bind)}

3.       [5/2013-1/2014] Propel: Responsible for planning and execution of all IT tasks associated with shutting down a business, including setup and configuration of a VMWare based virtual data center to assume production of the company’s SAS offering (sold to a third party), move of the core office servers (about 30 systems) to a temporary location to support business process shutdown, teardown and ecological disposal of the production datacenter and final mothballing and cleanup of office systems. Responsible for all IT support for the final 9 months of operation. {Skills: Python, Shell Script, Linux, Java, JSP, MySQL, VMWare, MS Exchange, Apache, freeradius, DNS (windows, bind), Cisco, FogBugz}

4.       [2011-1/2014] Propel: Assumed responsibility for SAS datacenter operations and ultimately office and engineering IT systems. {HTTP, Java, JSP, Cisco, MS Exchange, MS Windows Server, Linux, DNS}

5.       [5/2009-5/2013] Propel: Architect of video stream compression as part of the web acceleration product, participated in the implementation, developed an enhanced flash file compressor and created specialized memory management debugging tools for the integrated Python/C/C++ execution environment. {Skills: C, C++, Python, Shell Script, Linux}

6.       [9/2009-6/2010] Manyfriends.com: Primary implementer of the iOS Idioms in English application and contributor of utility function libraries to other iOS applications. {Skills: iOS and SDK, ObjectiveC, C, C++, MacOsX, XCode, Java, Subversion, FogBugz}

7.       [2009-present] Participation in the IETF Working Group which is updating and revising the HTTP standards. {Skills: HTTP, TCP/IP, IETF}

8.       [2/2008-10/2008] Propel: Collaborated in the port of the MacOsX/Windows accelerator client to the iPhone; was responsible for devising and executing performance and battery life measurements; supporting the iPhone OpenSDK tool chain; and implementing application installation packaging compatible with the iPhone tools. {Skills: iOS and SDK, C, C++, ObjectiveC, Python, Cydia, Apache, Linux, Shell Script, MacOsX, FogBugz, Tomcat, Java, JSP}

9.       [11/2003-5/2013] Propel: Responsible for on-going product performance claim certification; server infrastructure capacity evaluation and planning; creation of automated testing environments for email and web acceleration; general engineering lab support; and setup Xen based virtual test environments. {Skills: Java, Tomcat, JSP, Oracle, MySQL, Python, VBA, HTML, XML, HTTP, Apache, Linux, Xen, Performance Evaluation, Shell Script, C, C++, Win/XP, Bugzilla, Subversion, CVS}

10.    [2005-2008] Abaca Technology: Responsible for implementation of the anti-spam appliance system test harness; execution of system load and stress testing of the product; appliance capacity evaluation; implementation and support of a Xen based virtual development environment; and general Linux system administration. {Skills: Xen, C, C++, Python, Java, PostgreSQL, Linux, Amazon EC2, Shell Script, Capacity Measurement}

11.    [2004-2005] Abaca Technology: Responsible for documenting and extending performance testing methodologies; execution of performance testing, server infrastructure capacity planning and automated report generation; devising the system test strategy for a new anti-spam product; and general QA process consulting. {Skills: Python, HTML, HTTP, Excel with/Macros, VBA, Apache, Linux, Shell Script, C, Win/2K, CVS, Bugzilla, Performance Evaluation}

12.    [2003-2009] Developed extensions to the DiceIt project search client to include a GUI tool which extracts contact information from posting pages and supports sending email project queries. {Skills: Java, JDK 1.5, Swing, JavaMail, TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML, Web Services}

13.    [11/2002-2/2003] Intuit: While filling in for FTE developer on vacation, completed migration of web search application to new MS Server, MS SQLServer and Hummingbird Search Server versions. Extensive work to collect documentation of Hummingbird re-indexing bugs. {Skills: MS SQLServer, Hummingbird search, ASP}

May 1998 - Oct 2002: (as FTE after Jan 2000) Icarian, Inc. System Architect; Responsibilities included:

1.       [2001-2002] Provided architectural direction to the team creating a migration approach which allowed the same application code to execute under NAS and J2EE. {Skills: Architecture, Java, WebLogic, WebLoad, JSP}

2.       [2000-2002] Assumed the role of Application System Architect. Continued responsibility for application performance evaluation, performance issue resolution and development of complex features. {Skills: Architecture, WebLoad, Performance Testing, Java, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle SQL, JDBC, Fulcrum Search Server, Solaris, Win/NT, SMTP, PerForce, ClearQuest/Admin, XML, MS Project}

3.       [2000-2002] Provided architecture, design, server infrastructure capacity planning, and operational assistance to the ASP Hosted Operations group including providing third-level customer support. {Skills: Solaris, Shell Script, REXX, Java, Win/NT, NES, NAS, DNS, SMTP, SSH, TCP/IP, Oracle}

4.        [1999-2002] Led the performance evaluation and problem resolution effort required to satisfy customer contractual server infrastructure capacity and performance stipulations. Designed and developed WebLoad simulation scripts. {Skills: Performance Testing, WebLoad, Oracle SQL, Java, HTML, JavaScript, Win/NT, Solaris, NES, NAS, HTTP, SMTP}

5.       [1999-2002] Designed and implemented a role and data relationship based security infrastructure for the workforce application. {Skills: NAS, Oracle SQL, Java, HTML, JavaScript, Organizational Roles, Role based Security}

6.       [1998-1999] Architected the UI infrastructure and was a principle developer of the Workforce Management product's first two releases. This design anticipated the MVC design pattern. {Skills: Architecture, HTML, JavaScript, Java, Oracle SQL, MS VSS, NAS}

7.       [1998] Worked with UI designer to develop a prototype of the planned Workforce Management application. {Skills: HTML, Java, JDBC, JavaScript, Win/NT, NES}

Jul 1993 - Oct 2002: barili systems limited; founder and co-owner with projects including:

1.        [2001-2002] SEDIT: Designed and developed the Small Store application for software publishers with a limited inventory. {Skills: Java, JSP, Servlet, HTML, JavaScript, SMTP, Linux, Apache, Tomcat, eBusiness}

2.       [1994-2000] Participated in the IETF Working Groups which defined the HTTP and HTML 2.0 standards. {Skills: HTTP, HTML, TCP/IP, IETF}

3.       [1997-1998] NetDialog: Contributed to the implementation of an application designed to enhance customer support via integration of overlay commentary and existing web content. {Skills: IIS, ASP, JavaScript, ActiveX, DCOM, C, C++, Java, Win/NT, CGI}

4.       [1997] Shoreline Teleworks: Designed a WWW based configuration tool for a special purpose embedded hardware system. {Skills: IIS, ASP, JavaScript, ActiveX, DCOM, C, C++, Win/NT, Embedded systems, MS SQL Server}

5.       [1997] Developed a web-services style Dice client to execute project opportunity searches and track posting status to suppress duplicates. Includes a new ActiveHTTP package. {Skills: Java, Java AWT, TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML, Web Services}

6.       [1995-1997] Hitachi: Co-originator of the application concept and principal architect of Hitachi Computer Product America's ZooWorks Research products. {Skills: HTML, C, CGI, Perl, HTTP, TCP/IP, Multi-threading, Verity APIs, Win/NT, SunOS, Solaris, REXX, Java, C++, CVS, InstallShield}

7.       [1995-1996] Ten Network: Lead implementer of a toolkit which provides Windows/95 DOS box TCP/IP support via the Windows/95 WinSock API. {Skills: C, C++, TCP/IP, VxD, Win/95, 80x6 Assembly Language}

8.        [1994-1995] Remedy: Creation of Remedy Corporation's original ARWeb product providing a WWW browser interface to the Remedy Action Request (AR) System. {Skills: Perl, C, HTTP, CGI, Remedy APIs, Remedy Admin, SunOS, RCS, HPUX, Shell Script}

9.        [1994] Transitioned a prototype Linux Token Ring adapter device driver to distributable quality. {Skills: C, Linux Kernel, TCP/IP, Token Ring, 80X6 Assembler}

10.    [1994] Codecraft/IBM: Contributed to a hot-key hypervisor product which allowed host emulation connectivity to IBM 3270 and AS/400 hosts to co-exist with an application delivery platform. {Skills: C, 80x6 Assembler, 80x6 Device Hardware, TCP/IP, Novel IPX, IBM 3270, MSDOS internals}

Until Jul 1993: IBM Palo Alto Scientific Center, Scientific Center Staff; IBM STL, Senior Programmer with projects including:

1.       Led the teams which ported VS Fortran from MVS/CMS to AIX/370 and AIX/ESA;

2.       Research related to Computer-mediated Communications

3.       Co-designer of the linkage conventions for IBM AIX/370 and AIX/ESA

4.       Extended IBM's H-Assembler to cross compile for AIX/370 and AIX/ESA


·         MS Computer Science, University of Arizona

·         BS Electrical Engineering, Michigan State University