barili systems limited


barili systems limited is a professional services company providing consulting services to solve the complex problems associated with the integration of disparate computing resources.


Our principals and associates have extensive experience with the diverse technologies that are coalescing in the Internet and the World Wide Web. We have contributed to the development of device drivers and other operating system kernel software, networking software, compilers and computer language design and implementation, Computer-mediated Communications applications, electronic dissemination and interchange of information, multi-media application support software, and we are widely respected for our user interface design skills. For projects that require graphical design skills, we have a close working relationship with well-respected graphic designers who can bring a fresh new look to your application.

Computing Platforms:

We have extensive experience with Microsoft Windows (2000, NT, 95/98), various flavors of UNIX®, PC/DOS, and legacy IBM mainframe systems.

Consulting Services:

We are prepared to provide various styles of assistance ranging from management technology briefing through planning and design to down and dirty implementation. In general, our services are provided on a time and material basis but we will consider fixed cost projects under some circumstances.

Our People:

Are highly creative successful implementers and leaders of large complex projects. We work aggressively to meet the objectives we have committed to.

Our Company:

barili systems limited is a Delaware corporation qualified to conduct business in California.

barili systems limited * 10873 W. Estates Drive * Cupertino, CA 95014 * 408 366 5050

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